Our Core Values

What makes us, us.


  • Transparency


    Nothing is more powerful than information. At HarperDB we believe in being radically transparent with our customers and our team. We promise to always be honest and transparent, and to admit our weaknesses as clearly and honestly as we tout our strengths.

  • Empowerment


    We believe that no person stands alone, and that any project worth doing cannot be done without a good team. Good teams are comprised of individuals that are empowered to operate with freedom while owning their flaws and celebrating their victories.

  • Focus


    We believe in the power of single minded determination, focus, and quality. We believe in giving our customers our undivided attention until their issue is resolved, their need is met, and the customer is happy. We believe that focus leads to the creation of high quality products, happy customers, and a happy team.

  • Authenticity


    We believe that a diverse team is able to find creative solutions to problems. We do not believe in asking our team to conform to corporate culture, but rather allowing our culture to evolve with the addition of each new team member. We believe that the key to the success of each individual is to encourage them to be themselves.

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