The IoT database built to run on the edge

HarperDB has a 65mb install footprint, and can be installed directly on a micro-computing device

Maximize your investment in IoT devices with HarperDB

HarperDB eliminates much of the complexity for IoT projects, and allows for distributed computing directly on the edge.

65mb install footprint

HarperDB is written in Node.js which requires significantly less RAM and CPU than a traditional database. In fact, at rest, HarperDB uses no resources as it is stateless. This is ideal for IoT Devices and IoT projects as it allows for battery conservation and the maximization of value of these micro-computing devices.

Database as a Microservice

Interfacing with HarperDB is done through a simple to use REST API. HarperDB has a single end point with a consistent JSON object model that allows you to simply and explicitly interact with your data.

Clustering and Replication

Built on a websocket framework leveraging, HarperDB has robust and performant clustering and replication capabilities. Replication is defined at a table level. HarperDB's clustering algorithm uses a democratized model allowing for each node to function as a master and all nodes to function as a slave. This avoids single points of failure eliminating the need for IoT Gateways, and is excellent in areas where internet may be unreliable. This makes HarperDB intuitive and easy to use for IoT applications.


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