HTAP Data Warehouse: An Evolution

A single model for both structured and unstructured data

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    Simple REST API

    Write to a schema-less single model with either JSON or SQL using HarperDB’s single model architecture and easy-to-use REST API.

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    Exploded Data Model

    Instead of storing this data as columns and rows or a document store, HarperDB explodes the data into individual indices.

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    Natively Indexed

    Each attribute is stored separately, allowing for HarperDB to be fully indexed without creating additional overhead.

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    SQL and NoSQL

    You can then query or search HarperDB using SQL or noSQL on any column. Using joins and multiple conditions and operators, HarperDB coalesces these indices back into a single object and return the results in JSON or column row format.



"At the National Science Foundation’s Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research our mission is to solve problems of national importance in partnership with Government, Academia, and Industry in the fields of environmental and geophysical sciences, chemical, aerospace, defense, biomedical informatics, healthcare, financial, and event driven simulations and visualizations. We selected HarperDB as the only startup to join our center, alongside organizations like Northrop Grumman, IBM, NASA, and DHS, because we believe their technology is highly innovative, unique in the market, and has broad applicability across the problems we are tackling.”

Yelena Yesha, Associate Director of the National Science Foundation's Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR)

Optimize your data value chain

HarperDB accelerates integration velocity with a flexible schema and straightforward endpoints and requires minimal configuration and management. Get the insights you need in real-time.  HarperDB's HTAP model allows you to perform data warehousing and production workloads on the same machine.  

Real-time analytics on unstructured data

Consume unstructured and structured data into a single model, and perform real-time analytics without transformation or data mapping using your favorite business intelligence tools and our analytics drivers for JDBC, ODBC, Excel, BizTalk , and Powershell.

NoSQL and SQL Capabilities Natively, In Real-Time

HarperDB offers full NoSQL CRUD with features that are unique to HarperDB like joins, advanced math, and multiple conditions. HarperDB offers full CRUD operations via SQL like any traditional RDBMS which is intended to accommodate application and BI use cases. This allows ingestion of data via standard SQL INSERT & UPDATE as well as offering complex SQL queries with no performance impact on unstructured data. Joins, multiple operators, and multiple conditions are possible in sub-second time.

Fully-Indexed Database

While any product can be fully indexed, HarperDB is fully indexed without utilizing RAM or increasing the storage footprint. No configuration is required. This means that you can run the reports and dashboards you want without needing a DBA to add new indexes, or configure new views.

Horizontal and Vertical Scale.

HarperDB automatically scales to your hardware vertically. The HarperDB Enterprise edition also includes clustering capability which allows for replication and data distribution at a table level.

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