Example Architectures

Design and deployment patterns
on the edge and in the cloud

Edge & Cloud

Edge & Cloud


See how HarperDB can be deployed from the edge to the cloud to achieve real-time analytical capability and decision making, better utilizing your existing capital spend with an intelligent edge.  




IoT Data Warehouse

Unstructured Data warehouse Sidecar

Use HarperDB as an unstructured data warehouse alongside traditional enterprise data warehouses like Oracle and SAP HANA supporting run the business applications.  

Distributed Edge

Pure Edge Analytics

Deploy HarperDB across a network of devices and gain real-time insights and actionability with peer to peer clustering and replication, utilizing distributed querying. 

Mobile Web App

Mobile Web App

Deploy HarperDB inside your Mobile App to leverage features like offline access and distributed querying.  Better utilize the mobile hardware capability with an embedded application database on the edge. 

Edge Gateway

Edge Gateways

Run HarperDB on software or hardware gateways giving your IoT infrastructure more intelligence and decision making capability. 

Digital Twin

 Digital Twins

See How HarperDB can be utilized to accomplish digital twin implementations.  

Railroad Ecosystem

  Railroad Ecosystem

Examine a full lifecycle architecture that delves into the intricates of what is possible when using HarperDB in a railroad environment.