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Join the HarperDB Team on August 29th

Join us for an evening of networking and discussion on how to take control of your mobile assets. We’ll discuss how machine learning, distributed computing, and “the edge” are redefining the future of the industry, and how to make these emerging technologies work for you. A short presentation by CEO Stephen Goldberg will outline how modern technologies can help you deliver on that promise more quickly, at lower total cost of ownership, and with greater flexibility than existing canned solutions. Special guest Gregg Macaluso, the Faculty Director of Supply Chain Management at CU Boulder, will then talk about how Industry 4.0 and Digital Supply Chain are changing the industry.



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August 29th, 2019 from 5:30-8pm



5:30-6:30 Welcome, Apps, & Drinks


6:30-7 Presentations by:

Gregg Macaluso, Faculty Director-MS in Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics at Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado, Boulder. 
Gregg has 25+ years experience in large firms in both consulting and executive roles in supply chain and strategic procurement throughout various companies including UPS, EY, and CH2MHill.
Stephen Goldberg, CEO of HarperDB
Stephen has worked as a CTO and CEO of startups, held several roles at larger organizations like Red Hat, and led digital transformation projects at a number of Fortune 500 companies across many verticals. He is an established thought leader in the IoT space, having been published on sites like Tech Target, and quoted in a number of articles and publications like Forbes and ZDNet.

7-8 Wrap Up & Networking

Benefits of Intelligent Asset Management with HarperDB: 


Real-Time Event Processing

Identify events on the vehicle in real-time without relying on networks and cloud computing. Analytics take place on the vehicle, drastically reducing latency, which could mean the difference between a warning or costly repairs.

No Network Required

Built-in fault tolerance means that you don’t have to worry about network stability or providing a constant network connection. HarperDB can operate in network conditions that are spotty or are lacking full coverage. 

HarperDB Everywhere

Utilize a single software solution on your vehicles and enterprise with HarperDB. HarperDB is the only database in the world running the same code base from the edge to the cloud, significantly simplifying software architecture.

Distributed Data Management

Store data where you need it. HarperDB enables you to choose which data is moved where. Meaning that raw sensor data never has to leave the vehicle drastically reducing network utilization and enterprise storage.