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Three Industries that Benefit from Edge Decision Making

June 19, 2019
The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. The third industrial revolution was the transformation from analog to digital, all the way up to utilizing the Internet and the beginning of cloud computing. The next generation yielded the hybrid approach of edge and cloud computing with everything in between. Most organizations have adopted the cloud , and in doing so have moved away from edge based computing. The problem is that there are numerous cases where cloud only is in fact not the best solution. Being able to make decisions directly on the edge, where things are physically located, is critical for many industries. I say “things” because the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the defacto standard for describing an edge computing solution . It’s a great word, but there are too many possibilities of what could be out on the edge, so many things ! This blog will discuss a few industries where edge decision making is critical , and has the ability to immediately enhance overall business operations
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Mobile Asset Management for Industrial Applications

June 11, 2019
Though HarperDB is a databas e and not an application company , we often find ourselves building templates for partners to prove the value of edge and distributed computing. Our partners then leverage these templates to develop custom solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. One of our mo st successful templates supports mobile asset management using edge computing, collection and data analysis. Although there are many point solutions on the market today for “fleet management ,” including some from the major telecom providers, this template is resonating with our clients and partners who are willing to deploy a more custom solution that fits into their environment and better supports their specific business processes.
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What is Persistent ETL?

May 08, 2019
If you’ve made it to this blog you’ve probably heard the term “persistent” thrown around with ETL , and are curious about what they really mean together. Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is the generic concept of taking data from one or more systems and placing it in another system, often in a different format. Persistence is just a fancy word for storing data. Simply put, persistent ETL is adding a storage mechanism to an ETL process. That pretty much covers th e what, but the why is much more interesting…
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Managing Your Data Pipeline: Lessons from the Subsea Oil & Gas Market

April 30, 2019

In the oil and gas industry, pipelines are an essential component of the business, essentially transporting product from its source to a destination, where it can be processed to meet client requirements.  As new product sources are found and exploited, they are integrated into existing pipelines for transport to their ultimate destinations.  In the subsea oil and gas market, this term is called a tieback and greatly reduces the overall costs for overall project, as it leverages existing infrastructure to support the new fields.  Technological advances have allowed operators to increase the distances for these tiebacks by offering in field processing to assure that there is consistent flow within their pipelines.  Subsea processing close to the edgeallows operators to add new fields to existing pipelines in a very cost effective manner.

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