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Performance Testing Javascript & Node with Benchmark.js.

October 08, 2019


At HarperDB, we ’re working to build the best distributed database solution f rom the edge to the cloud . As a software developer on the team , I spend most of my time thinking about how to increase the stability and speed of our codebase - ideally, any work I’m doing achieves both of these priorities.  
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The Future of Big Data is Small Data

September 24, 2019

The Looming Crisis of Big Data databases at Thing Scale.

As a partially reformed software engineer, I’m acutely aware of the balance we all attempt to maintain between what we can achieve today and what we believe we’re going to be able to achieve tomorrow.
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Manage High Resolution IIoT Data from Rotating Machines

September 10, 2019
One of the consistent themes that has surfaced when working with industrial clients is their reliance on high performance rotating machinery. Whether it s steam turbines delivering electrical power or compressors in mid stream gas fields, these machines are the foundation for most heavy industries. If you consider the combustion engine as a rotating machine as well , we are surrounded by equipment that has been engineered to spin large amounts of metal at significant frequencies for long periods of time. After spending some time with clients managing these machines, I am awed by the level of engineering required in these mechanical marvels of technology. I am also not surprised by the level of monitoring and maintenance required to keep these machines in action.
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Building an Edge Database for IoT with Linux File System

August 28, 2019
Hello world!  My name is Sam and I am the newest member of the HarperDB Engineering Team. 
While I may be relatively new, I have been following the company since they launched last year (I’ve known Stephen since college) and jumped at the opportunity to join this awesome team.  I was and still am excited by the opportunity to help develop a database solution that is fully-indexed with no data duplication while also supporting full SQL and NoSQL within a single model.  In Node.js, no less!
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