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5 Common Mistakes in IoT Sensor Data Analytics

July 24, 2018
At this point I think it s a given that everyone is excited about IoT.  Consumers are excited because their 6 year old daughters can accidentally order $170 doll houses with Alexa and businesses are excited because they can see results like 92% increase in labor utilization.  
That said, if we are being honest , most organizations while hugely interested in IoT , are struggling with how to put it in place.   This is due to the fact that they are hitting some common roadblocks when it comes to gaining actionable insights from their IoT s ensor d ata. 

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When and Where to Use ETL Tools

July 17, 2018
Data is the foundation of all modern software. Without data, what’s the point? Now , what happens when we need to move that data from one application and/or database to another? That’s where ETL tools come into play. ETL stands from Extract, Transform, Load and essentially means data migration from one system to another. Sometimes these tools are in constant operation, sitting between various applications to manage continuous data migration. Many times these tools can be over-utilized and implemented in places they really don’t belong. My vision for ETL has always been a one - time thing, used exclusively to migrate data from one system to the other, not as an integration tool. However, there are plenty of use cases when ETL is the best option . T his blog addresses some existing options out there and some suggestions of how to improve your landscape.
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5 Things You Can Improve with Parallel Computing

July 10, 2018
The easy way to solve a performance problem in technology seems to be to just get a bigger, better, faster computer. That’s what I told my mom when her Chromebook died. She hated that thing, so it was probably for the best. It’s also what everyone seems to do when their cloud service isn’t running fast enough. Get a bigger server, pay for a larger instance, etc. I get it, it’s simple and low effort, but it’s also expensive. Compute cost doesn’t scale linearly ; it scales exponentially, so instead of buying a super computer you could buy tons of average servers. The solution is much cheaper when parallelization can be used to solve large computing problems.
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Docker’s Domination

July 03, 2018


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, because I’d never heard of Docker until Zach started talking to me about his new HarperDB Docker container. I guess it’s because I’m not normally involved with DevOps. Regardless, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of containerization and I see a lot of potential. 
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