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Distributed Cache: Stretch your memory

February 12, 2018

Data drives our lives. Our apps, our spending, our home, it’s all driven from a datastore somewhere. On the scale that we constantly ask questions of our devices we might wonder, just how are these systems keeping up with the sheer scale of all the constant data requests being delivered to our brains? NoSQL databases are built to horizontally scale natively as can some relational databases.  Monolithic databases are of course a thing that happens. Both of these options can work but the cost of this type of scale surrounding databases can be staggering and keeping it all alive can make a seasoned DevOps shudder. The answer to this question of scale is memory and caching. 

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2018 Predictions for Big Data, Databases, & Analytics

January 09, 2018
Happy New Year from the HarperDB Team!   It’s a new year full of promise, new technology and so very much data. This year we will see maturation of technologies new and existing , and a partial departure from the cloud. Let’s peer through the shroud of time and discuss what is coming in 2018 regarding all things data. 
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