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Distributed Cache: Stretch your memory

February 12, 2018

Data drives our lives. Our apps, our spending, our home, it’s all driven from a datastore somewhere. On the scale that we constantly ask questions of our devices we might wonder, just how are these systems keeping up with the sheer scale of all the constant data requests being delivered to our brains? NoSQL databases are built to horizontally scale natively as can some relational databases.  Monolithic databases are of course a thing that happens. Both of these options can work but the cost of this type of scale surrounding databases can be staggering and keeping it all alive can make a seasoned DevOps shudder. The answer to this question of scale is memory and caching. 

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Community Based Internet Projects: Iot Solutions

December 04, 2017
After my last blog post, Why I am Excited about the Repeal of Net Neutrality, I received a lot of great feedback from some very smart people.  My post was essentially about how I see the current infrastructure of the internet being replaced by mesh networks which are decentralized, and would allow for true internet freedom .   Most of the feedback I got was , that while this is an interesting idea, it i s too complicated and too expensive.  I disagree.  
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Why I am Excited about the Repeal of Net Neutrality

November 27, 2017
I am not excited because the cost of my Netflix subscription is going to go up ten fold.  I am not excited because this is a further opportunity for my browsing history to be exploited in order to micro target me goods and services.   I am excited because I don’t see any of that happening.  I believe in the power of the tech community to innovate and adapt. 
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