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Scalability and Stability: The HarperDB Way

October 10, 2018

 Recently, I was meeting with one of our partners and we were speaking in depth about HarperDB’s architecture and roadmap.  During the conversation, what struck me as really interesting, was his focus on HarperDB’s stability and scalability.  This was what excited him most about our product. 

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Myth Busted: Parallelization in our Node.js Database

December 19, 2017
Like any heavily adopted programming language, nodejs has it’s critics.  Some of the criticism is accurate, but there’s a specific one that really grinds my gears.  
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HarperDB at Node.js Interactive

October 09, 2017

HarperDB had its coming out party to the Node.js community last week as we were a sponsor at Node.js Interactive in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The event is one of many hosted by the Linux Foundation and the venue provided for an incredible backdrop to a very exciting event.

There were approximately 750 attendees this year and the enthusiasm around Node was palpable. Over the course of two days, more than 200 Node.js developers visited our booth to learn more about HarperDB and more than 50 downloaded our Community Edition.

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Why Choose Node.js?

October 03, 2017

A lot of people have asked me the question “Why did you build HarperDB in Node.js?” or something similar in a less polite way. To be honest when I first saw Node.js, I hated it. I resisted, hard. I felt that Java developers like myself were REAL developers, and folks developing in Node were just banging on a keyboard producing random outcomes.  Eventually, I gave in to the wave - it was AWS Lambda functions which really pushed me in the Node direction, and I started to realize the error of my ways. 

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