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The Collision of OT and IT and the Rise of the Machines

March 05, 2019
In engineering school in the late 8 0 ’s , I was required to take drafting class my freshman year - “rotate that pencil to make consistent lines.  By my senior year , the university purchased something mind blowing - it was CAD/CAM.  This attests to my experience and unfortunately my age , but it was the disruption caused by the digitization of the engineering process that left an impression.  Instead of taking a more traditional path as a freshly minted engineer , I was fortunate to land at an innovative computer graphics company in Alabama called Intergraph.  At that time, Intergraph was a leader in the application of computer graphics and was disrupting the engineering industry.  It was an interesting time and demonstrated how digital technologies could transform industries.  I have many stories of trying to teach old school draftsmen (drafts people I guess would be the correct term) and machinists how to adopt this new paradigm.  This was the advent of Industry 3.0.   
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