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Read the HarperDB teams’ thoughts on database technology topics such as SQL, NOSQL, Schema-less architecture, IoT, Big Data, and more

HarperDB’s Exploded Data Model

June 20, 2018

If you’ve looked around our website, talked to us at a trade show, or read an article about us, you’ve probably heard about our exploded data model. This is the keystone of HarperDB’s innovative database solution. Our patent-pending exploded data model is the reason we are fully-indexed with no data duplication, it’s why we can support full SQL and NoSQL within a single model, and it’s the basis for even more innovative features to come. I know, I know, that’s all well and good, but how does it work?

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Multimodel Databases - A Mistake

January 15, 2018
We have talked a lot in our blog about NoSQL vs SQL covering the pluses and minus es of both. You can read in more detail about our perspectives on this topic in Kyle’s blog NoSQL & SQL: Why Can't We Be Friends?  To summarize , at HarperDB we feel that for high scale data ingestion and uptime , NoSQL is awesome.  For business analytics we feel that SQL is still king.  We feel both have something incredibly valuable to contribute to the technology landscape.  However, we didn’t feel that anyone was providing a solution for both in a way that makes sense. 
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