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Reference Architecture

Check out this Digital Twin reference architecture using the HarperDB Device Edition. Replicate any physical item into a digital version to better understand and enhance your twin.

With HarperDB you can achieve all of the workloads needed to build a successful Digital Twin:

       - Real-time data collection and analysis

  • - Predictive Analytics
  • - Machine Learning
  • - Artificial Intelligence


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Digital Twin Made Easy

HarperDB makes digital twin easy. One platform to handle all digital twin workloads from sensor data collection to IoT analytics, and advanced data science and machine learning.  

Check out our blog on Digital Twin here.

Database as a Microservice

Interfacing with HarperDB is done through a simple to use REST API. HarperDB has a single end point with a consistent JSON object model that allows you to simply and explicitly interact with your data.

IoT Analytics

Consume unstructured and structured sensor data into a single model and perform real-time analytics without transformation or data mapping while using your favorite business intelligence tools and our analytics drivers for JDBC, ODBC, Excel, BizTalk, and Powershell.

Unstructured to Structured Data Transformation

HarperDB offers full NoSQL CRUD with features that are unique to HarperDB like joins, advanced math, and multiple conditions. HarperDB offers full CRUD operations via SQL like any traditional RDBMS which is intended to accommodate application and BI use cases. This allows ingestion of data via standard SQL INSERT & UPDATE as well as offering complex SQL queries with no performance impact on unstructured data. Joins, multiple operators, and multiple conditions are possible in sub-second time.

Small Footprint

HarperDB is written in Node.js which requires significantly less RAM and CPU than a traditional database. In fact, at rest, HarperDB uses no resources as it is stateless. This is ideal for IoT Devices and IoT projects as it allows for battery conservation and the maximization of value of these micro-computing devices.

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