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HarperDB Heads to
Meet with our executive team in downtown Houston September 16th-17th to discuss how HarperDB can simplify and optimize your asset management

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HarperDB in Atlanta
HarperDB is heading to Atlanta at the end of October for Industrial IoT World. Check back here for more info at a later date. In the meantime, if you want to set up a meeting with us, email us at, spots will fill up quick!

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Past Events

HarperDB Hackathon
See the top projects submitted from our February, 2018 Hackathon!

Hackathon Examples
HarperDB @ IoT World 2018
In May, 2018, the HarperDB team traveled to Santa Clara and met with the IoT community and our CEO joined a track panel to give his insights.

Blog Recap
HarperDB @ IoT Build 2018
Learn more about this event from March by reading our blog recap below.

Blog Recap
HarperDB @ Node.js Interactive 2017
The team traveled to Vancouver to meet the Node.js community and introduce HarperDB at our first event.

Blog Recap
Hops & HarperDB
On August 10th, we hosted attendees at our coworking space for free pizza and beer along with an introduction to HarperDB and our team.

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HarperDB @ IoT World 2019
Our second year of attending IoT World was a huge success! Check out the recap and some photos from the event.


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