Amazing apps, products and projects built with HarperDB

Car Performance Monitoring App

Car Performance Monitoring App.  With the power of HarperDB data can be stored on edge devices itself and can be analysed on edge itself. 

Apple TV metadata video app with HarperDB

Using HarperDB as a database for storing and serving out video metadata and seemed to make sense

Healthcare Portal

 Healthcare is essentially a collaborative effort between several stakeholders with different roles. We chose enterprise grade Liferay Portal and HarperDB to facilitate this.

Point of Borrow Application

 BorrowIt is a point-of-sales inspired inventory management solution for checking out and returning items.

Blood Donating App

This application lets multiple users request for blood donations. Centralizes the blood donation requests.

HarperDB IoT Example Dashboard

An example IoT Dashboard app, using Express, Node.Js, HarperDB, Socket.Io, Fusion Charts, and Google Charts.  

A Simple Telemetry Monitor with HarperDB

Angular 5 with HarperDB:  Building BareMetal — A Simple Telemetry Monitor

Node.JS package: HarperDB Connect

 Node.JS module for connecting to HarperDB and simplifying HTTP requests.


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