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HarperDB for App Development

Accelerate Your Application Development with HarperDB

HarperDB provides interfaces your developers already know like REST JSON APIs and ANSI SQL interfaces.  Copy and paste code examples allows for rapid development and deployment.  Deliver projects faster with less code, and less resources.  Focus on your application, let HarperDB worry about your database infrastructure. 

Rapid development means faster innovation

Empowered developers deliver projects early and ahead of schedule leading to faster business value. No ramp-up time is required because your team is already familiar with HarperDB’s interfaces: REST JSON APIs and ANSI SQL. 

All your database workloads in a single product

Don't waste your time designing complex big data architectures.  HarperDB can accommodate application workloads, big data workloads, data science workloads, and IoT workloads in a single product.

Deploy anywhere. Multi-Cloud, on-premise, on the edge, or mobile.

HarperDB is cloud agnostic.  Working on a Multi-Cloud strategy?  HarperDB can replicate data natively across cloud platforms.  Building a mobile app? HarperDB can replicate data from mobile platforms directly to the cloud.  On Premise? HarperDB can be deployed within your existing infrastructure. 

Simplify data aggregation

With HarperDB you can eliminate the need for expensive data duplication, transformation, and ETL.  All of your data lives in one place.  You no longer need 4 or 5 data management products to fulfill your data value chain, with HarperDB you can accomplish this in a single product giving you a single view of your data. 


HarperDB Enables Natural Language Processing uses HarperDB to enable Natural Language Processing and Mobile Development in their real-estate application.  

Scalability, Flexibility, and Ease of Use chose HarperDB to build their Natural Language Processing Engine within their Mobile Application because: 

  • Lightweight and uses limited resources like RAM and CPU.
  • Easy to use. Got up and running faster.
  • Combines both NoSQL and SQL in a single interface.
  • Provided Fantastic Support.

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