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Innovate Faster with HarperDB

HarperDB for Insurance Tech delivers results where they matter. Deliver projects on time and under budget by enabling your development team to focus driving innovation.

Rapidly Integrate Siloed Data

Make your data more intelligent by controlling where it lives. With the HarperDB dynamic schema developers can quickly and easily pull together data that is currently isolated in multiple systems.

Simplify Your Data Value Chain

Reduce cost by cutting out excess and overly complex middleware. With HarperDB your data is available anywhere on the cloud or on-premise and anytime through our REST API or native drivers. 

Trust HarperDB With Your Data

Rely on HarperDB to maintain data integrity with the economic, redundant, and performant benefits of horizontal scale. With HarperDB’s Clustering & Replication data is consistent across multiple servers to ensure data is safe.

Save Time, Increase ROI

Unlock the potential of your development team. With HarperDB developers can focus on their code because they’re not bogged down with configuration and maintenance. No ramp up time is required because your team is already familiar with HarperDB’s interfaces: SQL and NoSQL.


E2Value & HarperDB

About E2Value:

E2Value is a leading provider of web based property valuation solutions for insurance-to-value and collateral value monitoring services. They continue to innovate their existing software as well as new products.

E2Value Chooses HarperDB for Easy Integration & to be IoT Ready

E2Value wanted to build an application to coalesce insurance data from numerous external systems to gain a clear picture about individual properties. They decided to go with HarperDB because of the dynamic schema, ease of development, and flexibility to add IoT data once the industry matures. 

  • A wholistic view of a property can now be reported from a single application, instead of having to review multiple sources
  • HarperDB's flexible REST API made it simple and easy for developers to integrate data from many different sources
  • Estimators can complete their tasks in less time using a central E2Value system

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