Optimize Your Manufacturing Floor with

HarperDB for Manufacturing

See Increased ROI, Lower Operational Costs, & Real-Time Analytics

With HarperDB for Manufacturing, every aspect of your supply chain can be optimized, simplified, and innovative.  Real-time analytics are delivered faster, allowing you actionable insights into every aspect of your business.

Rapid Deployment Keeps Up with the Business

Keep up with the rapid changes in your production environment.  Simple HarperDB interfaces allow your team to rapidly change your monitoring and analysis engine to meet the dynamic needs of the business.   No ramp up time is required because your team is already familiar with HarperDB’s interfaces: SQL and NoSQL.

Real-time Insights into your Shop Floor

Collect real time sensor data, make real time decisions and send immediate alerts when issues occur - and then log all of this data to the cloud using HarperDB. With HarperDB, your data is available anywhere on the cloud or on-premise at anytime through our REST API or native drivers all in real-time. 

Optimize Equipment Uptime

Collect data from all of your manufacturing floor equipment in real time.  Keep the process running with minimum downtime with real time monitoring, configurable alerts and historical analytics - all with the HarperDB platform.

Simplify Data Aggregation

Make your data more intelligent by controlling where it lives. With the HarperDB dynamic schema, developers can quickly and easily pull together data that is currently isolated in multiple systems.


Better Information about Your Manufacturing Line

A large scale tooling company with major manufacturing clients is moving beyond their industrial products and into a more comprehensive solution based on IoT. Their goal is to redefine how the production line can be optimized using real-time analytics. 

Save Time & Money by Identifying Manufacturing Floor Issues Immediately 

HarperDB was implemented on a shop floor hub that aggregated data from multiple real-time sensors and performed real-time monitoring. When a specific condition occurs alerts were triggered directly to the operations team.

  • Sensors integrated on the manufacturing tools are constantly sending data to the HarperDB hub. When critical conditions occur the hub sends alerts immediately to the control center. 
  • The HarperDB hub stores data locally for real-time monitoring and synchronizes data to HarperDB in the cloud, as bandwidth permits, for historical trend analysis. 
  • HarperDB’s stateless install (0% CPU and 0% RAM utilization at idle) optimized performance of all edge devices.

Try the Enterprise Edition of HarperDB

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