Manage Remote Assets in Real-Time with HarperDB

HarperDB for Oil & Gas

See Increased ROI, Lower Operational Costs, & Increased Operational Visibility

With HarperDB for Oil and Gas, operators can monitor their assets and make real-time decisions even in remote locations.  HarperDB receives real-time sensor data, analyses and aggregates the data into decision support packets, and then delivers only the critical data to operators using any available network.  

Keep up with the evolving sensor market

The sensor market is rapidly evolving with new methods for monitoring equipment, pipelines and security.  With HarperDB's simple data model and interfaces, operators can keep up with this dynamic environment.

Real-time monitoring of your critical assets

Quickly determine the status of all of your assets with HarperDB.  Using the HarperDB distributed model, even assets in remote locations can be monitored in near real time using edge database nodes.  When network is available HarperDB will send alerts with only the critical operational information.  

Optimize equipment maintenance

Collect data across every aspect of your operation; upstream, mid stream and downstream - with HarperDB. With real time analysis on the edge and fast data synchronization,  operators can support a wide range of proactive applications including predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Enhance and extend your existing applications

HarperDB can be integrated within any of your current operational applications including GIS, plant maintenance and design and asset management.  The ability to quickly index non structured data such as video, imagery and combine with your existing standard RDBMS infrastructure helps you leverage your investment.

Oil & Gas Infrastructure Monitoring Architecture (4).png

HarperDB Manages Remote Assets

HarperDB has been used to aggregate and analyze telemetry and sensor data in real-time. With an easy to use interface, business rules can be developed that will report on specific events within the field.  Once these events are triggered, HarperDB will distribute alerts over any available network while still storing all data locally for future upload to the cloud.

Optimize Production  by Identifying Equipment Issues Before They Arise

HarperDB was selected because of its rich feature set packed into a small data footprint. Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) capabilities provide the ability to ingest and analyze every type of data.  

  • Sensor data is synchronized to the cloud in real-time where advanced analytics are run across the field providing resulting in increased ROI through predictive maintenance. 
  • The dynamic schema as well as its no code replication capabilities proved to be a major development accelerator.
  • HarperDB’s stateless install (0% CPU and 0% RAM utilization at idle) optimized performance of all edge devices.

Try the Enterprise Edition of HarperDB

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