Optimize Your Fleet
Predictive Maintenance
with HarperDB

HarperDB for Transportation
& Logistics

Increased ROI, Reduced Downtime, & Real-Time Alerts

With HarperDB for Transportation & Logistics, every aspect of your connected fleet can be optimized with significant savings and improved customer service.  Aggregating data from every vehicle's sensors in real-time provides instant decision support for scheduling and maintenance.

Keep up with the increasing data volume

In today's connected fleet, the number of sensors that monitor the health of the vehicle and its cargo is rapidly increasing.  With HarperDB, adding new sensors to the model is fast and does not require learning a new language.  No ramp up time is required because your team is already familiar with HarperDB’s interfaces: SQL and NoSQL.

Real-time insights into your connected fleet

Quickly visualize the status of your connected fleet with HarperDB. With HarperDB, your data is available anywhere on the cloud or on the edge, on each vehicle at any time through our REST API or native drivers all in real-time. 

Optimize vehicle utilization

Collect data across every aspect of each vehicle including the state of its cargo to the health of its systems with HarperDB. Then you can execute predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all in one place.

Dynamic data model

Your business is dynamic.  Support new applications using an easy to configure command and control interface.  With the HarperDB dynamic schema, administrators can quickly and easily enhance the system to support new applications.


HarperDB masters Predictive Maintenance

HarperDB has been used to track and report telemetry and maintenance data in real-time on a fleet of delivery trucks. This pilot program has shown a proven increase in on-time deliveries as well as optimized fleet utilization. 

Save Time and Money by Identifying Equipment Issues Before They Arise

HarperDB was selected because of its rich feature set packed into a small data footprint. Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) capabilities provide the ability to ingest and analyze every type of data.  

  • A variety of data is synchronized to the cloud in real-time with a resident HarperDB microcomputer on each vehicle. Advanced analytics are run across the fleet resulting in increased ROI through predictive maintenance. 
  • The dynamic schema as well as its no code replication capabilities proved to be a major development accelerator.
  • HarperDB’s stateless install (0% CPU and 0% RAM utilization at idle) optimized performance of all edge devices.

Try the Enterprise Edition of HarperDB

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