Make Utility Data Smart & Accessible with HarperDB

HarperDB for Utilities

Intelligent Utilization and Increased ROI

HarperDB for Utilities is the clear choice for integrating data across all aspects of your organization. From unstructured to structured data, you can lower your operational and developmental costs while conserving resources.  

Easily Handle Every Data Type

Aggregate data of all types and from many different sources all in HarperDB. With the HarperDB dynamic schema, developers can quickly and easily pull together grid data from direct sources and external systems. Additionally, HarperDB supports full geospatial capabilities allowing you to track your equipment in the field in real-time.

Optimize Equipment Utilization

Collect data across every aspect of your systems throughout the utility lifecycle, easily with HarperDB. Then you can execute predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all in one place, resulting in increased ROI for your business. 

Rapidly Respond to Regulatory Updates

With HarperDB, developers can focus on updating application code to respond to regulatory updates without getting bogged down with database configuration and maintenance. No ramp up time is required because your team is already familiar with HarperDB’s interfaces: SQL and NoSQL.

Secured Data in Your Control

Ensure data security within your organization’s network by installing HarperDB on-premise with the freedom to choose your hardware. With HarperDB your data is available to you anytime through our REST API or native drivers, all in real-time.

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PhaseLink & HarperDB

About PhaseLink:

PhaseLink is dedicated to providing full engineering service solutions to utility providers. They specialize in delivering end to end fiber and small cell engineering solutions. Clients rely on them because of their proven record of on time and high quality project delivery.

PhaseLink Chooses HarperDB for Easy Integration & Simplified Data Architecture:

PhaseLink needed an application to track and consolidate project data from their various systems in a single place. They chose HarperDB because of its ability to handle unstructured and structured data in a single model.

  • Powerful insights into all aspects of PhaseLink projects are now available.
  • Project managers have more time to focus on their projects rather than spend time with menial tasks.
  • Due to the flexibility of HarperDB, PhaseLink plans to add a customer interface to their existing system to allow them to track real-time project status.

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