Hops & HarperDB

A Happy Hour Event on August 10th at 3pm

Hops & HarperDB

A Happy Hour and Networking Event for our Denver Tech Community and Beyond!

On August 10th, HarperDB hosted our first lunch & learn, happy hour style!  This event took place with the entire HarperDB team at Enterprise Co-working on the corner of 30th and Lawerence St. at the heart of the Rhino district.  
We provided the “lunch”, free pizza and beer,  and the “learn” which included an introduction to our product and company from our CEO, a short demo of HarperDB from a Solution Architect, and an open Q&A panel with our founders at the end!  Finally, we gave away a $500 Amazon gift card at the end of the presentation on our amazing rooftop overlooking downtown Denver!
It is safe to say this Hops & HarperDB was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that showed up for a brew & slice of pizza and if you missed this event, don't worry there will be many more in the future! 


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HarperDB is Hiring! 

Did we mention we are hiring? We are looking to fill a software developer position here in Denver, ASAP.  If you know of anyone that would be interested in joining an exciting local software company, please send them our way and you could earn $500 for the referral. If you are interested in working for us, you can apply below and maybe you can join us at our next Hops & HarperDB as a team member!