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The People Behind HarperDB

HarperDB was founded by a group who believed that the database landscape was far too complex and far too expensive.  Their goal was to deliver a simple solution that could be used by any developer of any skill level without sacrificing scale or performance.  The founding team has spent many years working in enterprise architecture, software integration, software development, and software sales.

The core HarperDB team has worked together through several ventures solving ever increasing complex big data and integration problems.  From the moment data is ingested until value is seen from that data, the team is highly focused on this data value chain.  For most companies dealing with large data sets, this involves far too many solutions and technologies which has become industry standard.  The HarperDB founders experienced this and found this frustrating and untenable.

As a result they realized that the only solution to their problems was to build their own product from the ground up, a product that could be installed in under two minutes and scale to meet the needs of any data value chain.

HarperDB was founded in March of 2017 and is located in Denver CO.  We provide a single database solution that has both true native high transactional NoSQL and SQL capabilities.  It’s written in Node.js and was created to simplify the data value chain without sacrificing scale, speed and stability.

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