Create a CRUD API with Next.js & HarperDB Custom Functions

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Learn how to create a CRUD API using Next.js API routes and HarperDB Custom Functions. We'll walk through creating a new Next.js app from a Starter, setting up API routes, connecting them to the UI, and using HarperDB Custom Functions to interact with a database for creating, reading, updating, and deleting product data for an online store.


What's Inside

00:00 - Intro

00:42 - Tools we'll use including Next.js and HarperDB Custom Functions

01:37 - Spinning up a new Next.js app from an Online Store Dashboard  Starter

03:40 - Creating new CRUD API routes in a Next.js app

05:45 - Writing up the app UI to make requests to a CRUD API

10:34 - Adding a new Products schema and table to a HarperDB database instance

12:09 - Setting up CRUD Custom Functions in HarperDB to make SQL queries to the products table

18:25 - Making authenticated requests to HarperDB Custom Functions from Next.js API routes

22:41 - Outro

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