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May 22, 2018

HarperDB @ IoT World 2018

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May 22, 2018
Fred Yoon
EVP of Corporate Strategy & Co-Founder of HarperDB

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Last week, with much anticipation, HarperDB sponsored and exhibited at the annual IoT World in Santa Clara, CA.  Over 3 days, the team spoke to a diverse group of people from developers and potential software partners, to analysts and investors.  We were one of over 170 exhibitors at the conference.  Exhibitors ranged from very large enterprise companies, like SAP, HP, Avnet, and Ericsson, to early stage companies, like us, to promote pioneering technologies in the IoT landscape.   

Throughout the conference, Jake, Stephen, and Kyle educated the attendees with our demo cluster of IoT devices, which included a Raspberry Pi Zero W, Asus Tinker Board, and a BeagleBone Blue.  The micro-computers were receiving data from a soil sensor, a temperature sensor, and a motion sensor.  They also showed off our new HarperDB Studio which we formally announced at the conference and made available to the public.  As in the past, the prevailing theme amongst the attendees at our booth was “why did you create another database?”  It was interesting to see the reactions of people once they understood the features and capabilities of HarperDB in their IoT use cases from distributed computing on the edge to the small footprint and statelessness of HarperDB written in the Node.js framework.  It became evident that HarperDB occupies a unique and needed place in the IoT landscape.  

One of the major highlights of the conference for us was Stephen’s panelist session on “How Edge Computing is Driving IoT Adoption.”  Stephen did a brilliant job discussing major IoT topics such as real-time analytics, distributed computing on the edge, increased cloud costs as it relates to IoT, as well IoT data waste.  He continues to establish himself as a true thought leader in the IoT and database community.  We also met Adrian Bridgwater, a well regarded technology writer, who previously wrote an article on HarperDB and proposed collaboration on a future piece potentially for Forbes.  

As we continue to evangelize our technology, HarperDB will no doubt continue to resonate with the IoT community.  We had over 550 visitors to our booth and generated many positive relationships.  The reception of HarperDB continues to be very positive at these events and we look forward to the next one.  Special thanks to Kaylan who not only worked the booth but managed the logistics around the event making it a successful conference for all. 

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