HarperDB Studio

Real-time analytics, data visualization, security management, schema management in a graphical user interface.

  • HarperDB_Studio_Geochart.png

    Turn SQL and Filter searches into real-time charts and graphs.  Share with live web links.

  • HarperDB_Studio_sql_functionality.png

    Write SQL queries with an easy to use SQL builder.

  • HarperDB_Studio_query.png

    Save searches, SQL queries, and charts and graphs for easy reuse.

  • filter_search.png

    Filter search data without knowing SQL.

  • schema_visualize.png

    Visualize and manage schemas and tables.

  • HarperD_logs.png

    Manage users, roles, and attribute level access to data.

  • HarperD_logs-2.png

    View and search logs using advanced search capability.

  • csv_upload.png

    Bulk upload csv files into tables.

  • HarperDB_Studio_dashboard.png

    Navigate the HarperDB Studio with an easy to use dashboard.

  • HarperDB_Studio_helo.png

    Access help and support within the studio.

Leverage HarperDB without Code

All of the features of HarperDB without writing a line of code.  Real-time reporting on unstructured data, easy to use SQL query builder, security, and management all in an easy to use graphical interface.

Turn SQL into Visualizations in real-time

Turn your SQL or filter queries into graphs and charts and share live dashboards with business end users via web links. 


Manage users, roles, and attribute level security in an easy to use graphical interface. 

Schema Management

Visualize how the HarperDB Dynamic Schema maps unstructured and structured data to the HarperDB exploded data model.  View and manage schemas, tables, and attribute level metadata.  Bulk load CSV data into tables. 

Logging and Monitoring

Search logs using advanced search capability with fuzzy search and date logic.  Monitor node health and understand your HarperDB ecosystem.

Experience Simplicity at Scale

Start using the HarperDB Studio today to see how you can manage big data architectures simply and provide real-time analytics on streaming data at scale. 

Download the Studio