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Multimodel Databases - A Mistake

January 15, 2018
We have talked a lot in our blog about NoSQL vs SQL covering the pluses and minus es of both. You can read in more detail about our perspectives on this topic in Kyle’s blog NoSQL & SQL: Why Can't We Be Friends?  To summarize , at HarperDB we feel that for high scale data ingestion and uptime , NoSQL is awesome.  For business analytics we feel that SQL is still king.  We feel both have something incredibly valuable to contribute to the technology landscape.  However, we didn’t feel that anyone was providing a solution for both in a way that makes sense. 
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2018 Predictions for Big Data, Databases, & Analytics

January 09, 2018
Happy New Year from the HarperDB Team!   It’s a new year full of promise, new technology and so very much data. This year we will see maturation of technologies new and existing , and a partial departure from the cloud. Let’s peer through the shroud of time and discuss what is coming in 2018 regarding all things data. 
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What is the Internet of Data?

January 03, 2018
At HarperDB we have recently been seeing a lot of interest in the Internet of Data ”.   We hear a lot about the Internet of Things, but what is the Internet of Data ?   I really see these two things as the same, but simply referring to different parts of the network.   
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HarperDB 2017 Recap: Rethinking IoT and HTAP

December 27, 2017
2017 has been an exciting inaugural year for HarperDB.  We moved into our first office in Downtown Denver in March and were the first tenants in a brand new building, which was both fun and challenging.   We got to work straight away on coding our product and goto market activities and by the end of May we had a working prototype of HarperDB.
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