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Meet the HarperDB Fully Indexed Database: Webinar Recap

November 16, 2017


Yesterday, our engineering team took a quick break from coding to discuss HarperDB. While it was a shorter webinar, it was great to hear from the guys who not only built HarperDB but have also been working together for over 6 years. Stephen, our CEO, started the webinar off with a little background on HarperDB. Our CTO , Kyle, then took over to run through the basic features and functionality of HarperDB. Finally, Zach our CPO finished with some interesting future features and use cases.
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Blockchain, IoT, and HarperDB

November 13, 2017

At HarperDB our Chief Product Officer Zach spends a lot of his time going to different meet-ups, talking to folks, and investigating different areas of technology in order to plan what the HarperDB future might look like.  We, like everyone else in the world, are very excited about how blockchain technology is going to transform a host of industries.   One of the areas that we see as likely to be impacted greatly by blockchain is healtcare. 

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Raspberry Pi with a Side of HarperDB

November 06, 2017


The developing technologies around edge computing are growing  quickly.  Problems have been bubbling up from resource scarcity to scaling.  HarperDB can now be added as a tool in a developers tool box to help manage the issues in the Internet of Things landscape.  Due to the popularity of the Raspberry Pi development boards, developers can begin to iterate proof of concepts for all types of projects.  This article is intended to jump-start developers looking to get up and running with HarperDB on a Rasberry Pi.

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Database as a Microservice: Stateless in a Stateful World

October 30, 2017

Evolution of Stateless Computing

Microservices have become dominant over the last few years, so much so that it is hard to imagine encountering a modern application built with a SOAP API. The wide spread usage of stateless microservices has allowed for modern applications to be easily and quickly deployed horizontally and directly on the edge.  The lightweight nature of REST APIs due to their statelessness, have allowed for applications with less overhead, quicker integration times, and a much more enjoyable programming experience.  Microservice adoption at both the application and middleware layer have driven much of the advances in edge computing.

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