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Full SQL and NoSQL functionality is just the start,  

 HarperDB has a wide range of features making it the only database you will ever need

Single Model

Data is stored in our patent pending unified data model that accommodates SQL & NoSQL with no need to transform or duplicate your information.

Single Model
Dynamic Schema

Tables do not constrain your columns to specific data types and automatically adds new attributes as your data dictates.

Dynamic Schema
Fully Indexed

Every attribute in HarperDB is natively indexed, allowing for performant querying on every attribute with no hit on performance or storage.

Fully Indexed
Small Footprint

HarperDB is written in Node.js and is extremely lightweight and highly scalable. The Node.js server and dependencies are packaged into a small executable allowing for deployment on a RaspberryPi or other IoT devices making HarperDB ideal as an IoT database.

Small Footprint
Multiple Workloads

HarperDB handles high transaction writes with structured and unstructured data and also allows for complex analytics and queries in real time.

Multiple Workloads
Rest API

HarperDB provides a native REST API for simple integration with your applications. REST is quickly becoming the new standard to interface with legacy and new applications.


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