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Streaming, app, & DB systems unified.

Simplified Development for

Mobile Apps
Streaming Media
Machine Learning

HarperDB combines database, application, and data streaming services into a single hyper-performant solution, delivering enterprise-quality apps at a lower cost and with less development effort.

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Deploy user-programmed applications and pre-built add-ons on top of the data they depend on for a high throughput, ultra-low latency back end.


Lightning-fast distributed database delivers orders of magnitude more throughput per second than popular NoSQL alternatives while providing limitless horizontal scale.


Native real-time pub/sub communication and data processing via MQTT, WebSocket, and HTTP interfaces. HarperDB delivers powerful data-in-motion capabilities without layering in additional services like Kafka.

System Efficiency

Focus on features that move your business forward, not fighting complex infrastructure.
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Achieve Any Latency SLA

You can't change the speed of light, but you can put less light between your users and their data.

< 1 ms
API-to-Data Latency
2-10 ms
On-Prem Latency
10-50 ms
Edge Latency
100 ms
Global Replication
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Up to
Up to
Nodes/Global Cluster
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Horizontal Scale

Outperform NoSQL alternatives in throughput, latency, total cost of ownership, and simplicity at scale.

Save Millions

Scaling horizontally lets HarperDB drastically reduce your infrastructure costs with a linear cost to capacity ratio. Enterprises that switch to HarperDB typically see savings over 50%.

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Graph showing how HarperDB is less expensive than monolithic solutions at scale.

Actual Savings

Reduction in Compute Spend
+ 69% reduction in latency

- OTT Streaming
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 250x reduction in latency

- Digital OOH Ads
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 92% reduction in latency

- Global Gaming Network

Accelerating 5G Experiences

Leveraging HarperDB, Edison Interactive distributed their API cache across Verizon's 5G Edge, plummeting latency below 20 milliseconds.
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From POC to IPO, HarperDB is the best platform to start with and scale with.

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Go to Market Faster

Unified System Architecture
Groundbreaking system efficiency delivers high-performance applications with minimal development effort.
GraphQL-Style Schema Definition
Ditch drivers and create a RESTful API and the tables that back it in seconds.
Dynamic Schema
Our document data model auto-updates as fast as you can code.

Come as You Are

Familiar Workflow
Bring your own or use our web-based IDE to build applications on top of the data that powers them.
Query with SQL
The simplicity of a document store with the power of SQL
Language Agnostic
Write business logic in any language and manage the output natively

Build Anything Better

Image of women using HarperDB.

Docs & Code

HarperDB is a highly extensible development platform supporting a rich variety of resources, modular components, SDKs, and plugins.

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