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After decades of developing software, the founding team at HarperDB kept running into the same problem: databases shift the complexity of performance at scale onto developers. This made scaling performant big data and analytics products nearly impossible without mountains of complexity, and millions in development costs. For many, this put a whole category of product innovation out of reach.

After five years of innovation and hundreds of iterations, HarperDB has solved what no one else could. A development platform that makes scaling applications easy forever while simultaneously providing orders of magnitude faster performance, lower global latency, and greater cost-efficiency than last-generation solutions. What was impossible is now accessible to every developer.

Industry Accelerating

HarperDB's unique approach to unifying data, applications, and distribution logic into a single enterprise-proven platform makes performance at any scale easy. It's a whole new paradigm for development.

Authentic Innovation

Industry-accelerating innovation requires a team where collaboration builds on each individual's unique strengths. That's why, at HarperDB, we foster a culture of radical transparency and acceptance so every contributor can be their complete and authentic selves.

Core Values

Our core values are the guiding principles for making decisions, building relationships, and solving problems.


We believe that a diverse team is able to find creative solutions to problems. We do not believe in asking our team to conform to corporate culture, but rather allowing our culture to evolve with the addition of each new team member. We believe that the key to the success of each individual is to encourage them to be themselves.


Nothing is more powerful than information. At HarperDB we believe in being radically transparent with our customers and our team. We promise to always be honest and transparent, and to admit our weaknesses as clearly and honestly as we tout our strengths.


We believe that no person stands alone, and that any project worth doing cannot be done without a good team. Good teams are comprised of individuals that are empowered to operate with freedom while owning their flaws and celebrating their victories.


We believe in the power of single minded determination, focus, and quality. We believe in giving our customers our undivided attention until their issue is resolved, their need is met, and the customer is happy. We believe that focus leads to the creation of high quality products, happy customers, and a happy team.

Meet our Extraordinary Team

Stephen Goldberg

Chief Executive Officer
Stephen has worked as a CTO and CEO of startups, held several roles at larger organizations like Red Hat, and led digital transformation projects at a number of Fortune 500 companies across many verticals. He is an established thought leader in the IoT space, having been published on sites like Tech Target, and quoted in a number of articles and publications like Forbes and ZDNet. He has been a speaker at IoT World, SAP Sapphire, and Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce. Stephen holds 2 patents with Kyle and Zach.

Kyle Bernhardy

EVP Engineering
Kyle has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has held leadership roles in product development, support, and consulting at companies ranging in size from startup to publicly traded. Kyle is the co-inventor of 2 patents with Stephen and Zachary. He is an expert in cloud architecture as well as multiple programming languages.

Fred Yoon

EVP Corporate Strategy
Fred has spent over 15 years working in the software industry in roles across product development, operations, customer support, and sales. Before HarperDB, Fred held leadership roles at Phizzle, Inc. for over 10 years. He has always been a top sales performer and has developed, maintained, and grown multiple sales channels with companies like SAP, Twitter, and more.

Jaxon Repp

SVP Product & Marketing
Jaxon has 25 years of experience architecting, designing, and developing enterprise software. He is the founder of three technology startups and has consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies on IoT and Digital Transformation initiatives. A partially-reformed developer, he understands what it’s like to wrestle with technology instead of benefiting from it, and believes passionately that if the Jetsons never had an episode where a config file error brought down the food-o-matic, it surely should not be a problem now.

Jason Bussanick

SVP of Sales
Jason Bussanick has over 25 years of experience driving revenue in the technology industry. He has a variety of experience across industries such as telecommunications, software, managed services, and hardware, and has worked at companies such as Qwest, Sunguard, and Exodus Communications.

Anna Kummerlowe

Chief of Staff
Anna has over a decade of experience across a variety of industries including consulting, education, technology and political strategy. She has extensive experience with project management, developing cross-sector partnerships and scaling communities and companies. As Chief of Staff at Harper DB, Anna supports the Executive Team and streamlines process improvements and operations across the organization.

Kris Zyp

Distinguished Software Engineer
Kris received an MS from University of Utah, researching inverse multi-grid computation techniques for electrocardiography. Since then, he has been an active contributor to the JavaScript community as a core developer of the Dojo Toolkit, helped shape JS promise API, founded JSON Schema, participated as a security expert with W3C, and now helps maintain the fastest JS serialization and storage libraries. He has extensive big data experience with search and analytics of clinical research literature. Kris is responsible to make sure HarperDB is fast and scalable.

Aron Johnson

Senior Director DevOps
Aron has over 10 years of information technology experience across a variety of industries, where he focused on systems administration, engineering, architecture, and information security. At HarperDB, Aron is responsible for development operations, automation engineering, and deployment.

Jacob Cohen

Director IT & Operations
Jacob holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from George Mason University. He is an active FIRST Robotics volunteer, serving as Judge Advisor and Referee. Jacob has several years of technology consulting experience for large governmental organizations. He previously interned at Kloudroot with Zach, Kyle, and Stephen. Prior to joining HarperDB, Jacob held roles as Project Leader and Senior Consultant at Macedon Technologies.

Aleks Haugom

GTM Strategy & Creative Lead
Aleks has spent his career working at early and mid-stage startups. He has developed expertise in untangling complexity, developing scalable processes, and designing stories that help build a collective mind. Having held roles in operations, product, marketing, and design, Aleks brings a cross-functional mindset to every interaction. At HarperDB, Aleks is responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategy.

Margo McCabe

Head of DevRel & Partnerships
Margo has experience working in a variety of roles including Customer Success, Enterprise Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. In her last role, Margo helped a local area startup expand outside of existing verticals and grow sales by over 200%. Margo has an MBA from the University of Colorado and has extensive experience working abroad. At HarperDB, Margo leads Developer Relations, Community Engagement, and Pre-Sales / Customer Success.

David Cockerill

Lead Software Engineer
David has over a decade of experience working in the electrical engineering industry in Australia and New Zealand, working in verticals like Oil and Gas, Mining, and Natural Gas with companies like Woodside Petroleum, Rio Tinto, and Enerflex. David has an Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Engineering Institute of Technology in Perth, Australia and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Massey University. At HarperDB, David is responsible for software development and testing of the core product.

Alex Ramsdell

Staff Software Engineer

Devin Holland

Principal DevOps Engineer
Devin is a Full Stack Software Engineer turned DevOps Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Devin has worked with companies in a variety of industries and helped build the DevOps team and practices at his previous companies. At HarperDB, Devin is responsible for building and improving deployment tooling and processes.

Kevin Ashcraft

Staff Solutions Architect
Kevin has created data-driven applications for startups in the advertising, financial, and SaaS sectors, cultivating experience in working one-on-one with project managers and business analysts to bring to market successful, efficient products. When AFK, he likes to build antennas and make new amateur radio contacts.

Kandice Darby

Senior Designer
Kandice was trained classically in visual art and design at Kansas City Art Institute then earned her B.F.A from the University of Kansas. She further advanced her skills as a Graphic Designer at Shillington Education. Kandice has an expansive background in multiple areas of design and illustration with a sharp eye on brand awareness. At HarperDB, Kandice spearheads the company’s design initiatives and assists with marketing and developer relations.

Terra Roush

Software Engineer
Terra was introduced to development through a full-stack software dev course with Nashville Software School in 2020. She completed a front-end software development internship with IBM partner, Rocket Software, in the summer of 2021. Prior to her career in technology, she spent 10 years serving the community as a hairdresser. Terra is responsible for software development and testing with HarperDB’s Core and Cloud products.

Daniel Abbott

Principal Technical Account Manager

Thomas Walsh

Technical Account Manager
Thomas holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Birmingham Southern College. He is an active volunteer for the First Tee, serving as a mentor and instructor. Thomas has several years of Business Systems consulting experience for Large production homebuilders. Thomas enjoys golfing, skiing, and tennis. Which he had coached during the summers in college. Thomas was previously a Technical Account Manager for BIMaire, A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

Jonathon Krohn

Sales Coordinator
Jonathon has 7+ years of management experience in a variety of business settings. He has experience in business development, helping grow his previous organization to be a top performer in the region. At HarperDB, Jonathon is responsible for developer and partnership relations as well as team management.
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