Distributed Applications

Build, deploy, and scale applications directly on top of the data they require.

A Complete Platform

Deliver your application in a fraction of the time with one solution. HarperDB unifies user-programmed applications, high-performance database, and real-time data streaming into one technology.

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Lightning-fast document store is simple to manage and can handle orders of magnitude more throughput than alternatives.



Give your applications, APIs, and machine learning models direct data access, reducing latency beyond what data distribution can achieve.



Move data to and from devices and third-party systems on a publish and subscribe basis via MQTT, WebSocket, and HTTP interfaces.

Logic with Direct Data Access

Applications require data to complete most tasks. HarperDB's unified-system architecture ensures that logic executes fast and overhead stays low.

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RESTful API in Seconds
With your API embedded in your database, you can return responses faster, with less compute and no regional egress.
Machine Learning
Deliver predictions fast with ML models that have direct data layer access and can run entirely, or partially, on the edge.
Less expensive and more resilient than stand-alone cache solutions like Redis, HarperDB natively maintains and delivers cached values fast.
Flawless Replication
Sleep easy knowing your data is guaranteed exactly-once delivery globally.
Tailored Replication or Global Mesh
Innovate freely with the option to configure replication at the table level.
Optional Homogeneous Deployments
Data is written, read, and replicated from every node delivering homogeneous servers for a simple and easy to scale architecture.

Distributed Data

Geo-replicated and globally synchronized data only takes minutes to configure.

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Globally Unified


Response times as low as 2ms


Data + app near every user


Choose any provider

Tailored Deployments


Image showing company logos all connected.

Ask us how to tailor your HarperDB deployment across our global partner network to solve for latency, throughput, complexity, and cost.

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World map showing globally connected databases

Your App (& data) Everywhere

With thousands of locations globally, our partner network can place your data within milliseconds of every user.

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Image collage of person talking on the phone

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