Infrastructure Savings

Improve performance and reduce costs.

Proven at Scale

Reduction in Compute Spend
+ 69% reduction in latency

- Streaming Media App
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 250x reduction in latency

- Digital OOH Ads
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 92% reduction in latency

- Global Gaming Network

Exponential Value

Effortless Horizontal Scale
RAM-intensive monoliths cost a fortune. By scaling out, not up, you’ll meet demand for less.
Predictable Costs
As you grow, request capacity grows linearly with your user base.
Flawless Consistency
HarperDB internalizes the complexity of keeping data consistent in real-time, making horizontal scale easy.
Less Development Effort
No more comparing and testing systems to chose your next upgrade.

Do More
With Less

Faster Nodes
Each node of HarperDB can handle more requests than alternative solutions, keeping your total cost of ownership low.
Ditch API Exclusive Servers
Consolidating your API with your database to reduce your global footprint while reducing latency globally.


Freedom to Choose
Flexible topologies let you leverage more affordable providers, like Linode, while minimizing regional egress.
In Region Data
Place your API and data on the edge to stop cross-region data lookups that slow down your user experience and drive up cost.

Save Millions

HarperDB’s linear and predictable cost model lets you scale out, not up, drastically reducing infrastructure costs. Enterprises that switch to HarperDB typically see infrastructure savings over 50%.

Graph showing how HarperDB is less expensive than monolithic solutions at scale.
Laptop showing HarperDB Studio

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