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3 Keys To Moving Your IoT Strategy Forward

October 30, 2019
The Internet of Things has long been held up as the panacea to all that ails modern business. Real-time visibility and intelligent response to systemic anomalies have long promised to ruthlessly and autonomously eliminate inefficiency, delivering us into a new era of accountability, performance, and profit. The largest consultancies in the world have entire teams dedicated to “Digital Transformation .
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​​Better Together; The Edge and The Cloud

October 21, 2019
People often hear the phrase “edge computing” and assume that it is the a dversary of the cloud. Well I’m here to tell you - that’s not true. The goal of this blog is to clear up some of the common misconceptions and myths surrounding “edge computing.”
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Wrangling Your Dark Data

October 15, 2019
As we talk with clients about their challenges, the topic invariably turns to Industry 4.0. This is interesting to me because it s a largely generalized concept and while there are many reasons companies want to implement I ndustry 4.0 , one main reason is FOMO.  If you are under the age of 30 then FOMO is probably a standard phrase , luckily I have college - aged kids who happen to hang out with their parents on occasion so I can understand their lingo. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out seems to be a recurring theme as we speak to executives about Industry 4.0
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Performance Testing Javascript & Node with Benchmark.js.

October 08, 2019


At HarperDB, we ’re working to build the best distributed database solution f rom the edge to the cloud . As a software developer on the team , I spend most of my time thinking about how to increase the stability and speed of our codebase - ideally, any work I’m doing achieves both of these priorities.  
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