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The HarperDB Experience

August 06, 2019


As the summer of 2019 approached, my urgency to find an internship heightened. Not just any internship - not a summer camp internship or a sales internship, not a build your own business internship ,” but a genuine and valuable internship that would expose me to real data and allow me to feel that I had truly contributed . When searching for such opportunities, positions for financial analysts at banks or credit unions appeared , as well as d ata analyst roles with in companies of all sizes . All of these potential opportunities for the summer before my senior year of college provided me with food for thought between breaks from my research papers, econometrics classes, and even grading. It allowed me to ask myself questions like, “What can I do with my major? What w ill these roles entail on a day to day basis ? Will the work be fun?”      
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The ROI of Moving the Cloud to the Edge

July 29, 2019
Ma n y of our blogs have focused on unleashing the power of the edge by shifting decision making from the cloud to the field.  The y have focused on what is possible, what is coming in the future , and how this can help business es make faster and smarter decisions.  
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Mobile Asset Framework in Heavy Duty Vehicles @ Authentic

July 22, 2019
On the plains of Eastern Colorado about 50 miles southeast of our office in Denver is Authentic Drilling Inc.  Authentic Drilling was started a couple years ago by Sherri Meicklejohn, an entrepren eu rial and visionary businesswoman who has developed one of the more innovative drilling companies in the US.  Authentic D rilling offers a wide variety of geotechnical, environmental and exploration drilling services and provides best of class equipment and expertise. They are known for challenging projects such as winching rigs off the side of a dam to measure the underlying soil and rock composition , and for drilling into abandoned coal fields to assess and extinguish underground methane fires.  Their fleet of rigs includes a mix of compressors, remote control and drivable rigs, semi tractors and support trucks.  In an effort to maximize their time in the field, Sherri and her team are constantly optimizing their equipment, training and methods.
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Three Industries that Benefit from Edge Decision Making

June 19, 2019
The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. The third industrial revolution was the transformation from analog to digital, all the way up to utilizing the Internet and the beginning of cloud computing. The next generation yielded the hybrid approach of edge and cloud computing with everything in between. Most organizations have adopted the cloud , and in doing so have moved away from edge based computing. The problem is that there are numerous cases where cloud only is in fact not the best solution. Being able to make decisions directly on the edge, where things are physically located, is critical for many industries. I say “things” because the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the defacto standard for describing an edge computing solution . It’s a great word, but there are too many possibilities of what could be out on the edge, so many things ! This blog will discuss a few industries where edge decision making is critical , and has the ability to immediately enhance overall business operations
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