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Building an Edge Database for IoT with Linux File System

August 28, 2019
Hello world!  My name is Sam and I am the newest member of the HarperDB Engineering Team. 
While I may be relatively new, I have been following the company since they launched last year (I’ve known Stephen since college) and jumped at the opportunity to join this awesome team.  I was and still am excited by the opportunity to help develop a database solution that is fully-indexed with no data duplication while also supporting full SQL and NoSQL within a single model.  In Node.js, no less!
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Advancing Beyond Store and Forward

August 20, 2019
As the Internet of Things matures we continue to see design patterns come and go, with some evolving and some disappearing. The time has come- S tore and F orward needs to go. This paradigm served as an initial step in shifting to the edge, but it should not survive. In this blog I’ll introduce the concepts of S tore and F orward along with an explanation of its inferior ity to other, more modern edge computing paradigms. 
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My Exposure to IoT and Cloud Computing in Higher Education

August 13, 2019
I recently completed a four year C omputer S cience degree via distance learning through a university in my home country of New Zealand. While extremely challenging at times, the work was compelling and it was an enjoyable endeavor overall . One of the courses I completed was called Internet of T hings and C loud C omputing , which I will condense into a few points of interest below. 
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The HarperDB Experience

August 06, 2019


As the summer of 2019 approached, my urgency to find an internship heightened. Not just any internship - not a summer camp internship or a sales internship, not a build your own business internship ,” but a genuine and valuable internship that would expose me to real data and allow me to feel that I had truly contributed . When searching for such opportunities, positions for financial analysts at banks or credit unions appeared , as well as d ata analyst roles with in companies of all sizes . All of these potential opportunities for the summer before my senior year of college provided me with food for thought between breaks from my research papers, econometrics classes, and even grading. It allowed me to ask myself questions like, “What can I do with my major? What w ill these roles entail on a day to day basis ? Will the work be fun?”      
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