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The Collision of OT and IT and the Rise of the Machines

March 05, 2019
In engineering school in the late 8 0 ’s , I was required to take drafting class my freshman year - “rotate that pencil to make consistent lines.  By my senior year , the university purchased something mind blowing - it was CAD/CAM.  This attests to my experience and unfortunately my age , but it was the disruption caused by the digitization of the engineering process that left an impression.  Instead of taking a more traditional path as a freshly minted engineer , I was fortunate to land at an innovative computer graphics company in Alabama called Intergraph.  At that time, Intergraph was a leader in the application of computer graphics and was disrupting the engineering industry.  It was an interesting time and demonstrated how digital technologies could transform industries.  I have many stories of trying to teach old school draftsmen (drafts people I guess would be the correct term) and machinists how to adopt this new paradigm.  This was the advent of Industry 3.0.   
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We’re Big Fans of Node-RED

February 28, 2019
During a recent trip to NodeJS Interactive in Vancouver last October, Zach (Chief Product Officer) and Eli (Principal Engineer) spoke to multiple people who suggested they look into Node-RED, especially since they built an IoT database.   The guys came back home, did some quick research, thought “this looks pretty cool,” then threw it on the backlog…where it sat for a while. Whoops.   In the last few months we finally got around to diving into Node-RED and, wow, is it powerful!
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What is HarperDB’s Open Source Strategy?

February 19, 2019
When first learning about HarperDB , a lot of folks ask about our Open Source Strategy.   Given one of our core-values is transparency, I thought it important to publish our strategy publicly.  
I am a former Red Hatter and a passionate believer that Open Source is good for the world. When forming HarperDB , we did some really deep thinking about Open Source .  W e consulted former colleagues at Red Hat, had intense conversations with developers, and looked pretty extensively at the market.   
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CES 2019: What Happens if it’s Offline?

January 22, 2019

Zachary and I had the pleasure of attending #CES2019 in Las Vegas.  We saw a lot of really incredible things from Flying Vehicles, to Haptic VR suits combined with human gerbil like balls, and every imaginable type of AI, 3D printer, image recognition software, and smart home device - like a cocktail maker and smart diaper.  

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