Distributed Database

Globally in sync.

Atomic Nodes

Everything you need in one package. No need to spin up and maintain configuration or write-only servers. Every node of HarperDB reads, writes, and replicates data across your globally distributed cluster.


Enterprise reliability
for every app.

Guaranteed Exactly-Once Delivery
HarperDB manages the complexity of replication, so your data is perfect globally.
Self-Healing Connections
Even in the face of spotty network connections, data stays persistent, always reaching its destination.
Homogeneous Experience
Data is written, read, and replicated from every node, delivering a homogeneous experience that scales.
Global Data Fabric
Replicate everything for whole-planet data access in milliseconds.
Geo Redundancy
Unrestricted redundancy can keep your users  happy even when half the internet isn’t.
Data Streaming
Real-time data streaming moves, transforms, and alerts your team within milliseconds of an event.
Edge Processing
Sometime better than streaming all data – process your data on the edge and only move what matters.


Choose between hyperscaler, alternative cloud,  edge, 5G, and bare-metal providers. Innovate as you wish.


Up to
Up to
Nodes/Global Cluster
Dynamic Schema
Our document data model auto-updates as fast as you can code.
Performant queries out of the box at scale and without maintenance.
Instant API
Ditch drivers, leverage our ready to go HTTPS API.

Enterprise Solutions


Deliver a better experience in and out of gameplay. Easily globally synchronize leaderboards, entitlements, and profiles.


Conventional and social media can now provide global audiences updates in real-time as users post and as stories evolve.


Instant access to real-time flight statuses, vehicle metadata, and global weather from anywhere on earth.
World map showing globally connected databases

Global Partners

With thousands of locations globally, our partner network can place your data within milliseconds of every user.

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HarperDB Studio helps you globally deploy, manage, cluster, and query your data from anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your web browser.
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