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Mobile Apps
Streaming Media
Machine Learning

Combine your database, API, and distribution logic into a single solution for faster time to market, near-zero global latency, and lower total cost of ownership.

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Simplicity Without Sacrifice

HarperDB simplifies the management of globally distributed applications so your team can focus on delivering value.

Dream Bigger


HarperDB's Custom Functions leverage an embedded API server for user-built applications, letting you deploy APIs, ML applications, and more without additional technologies.


Auto-indexed document store gives you the flexibility of NoSQL, with the performance and scalability of a traditional RDBMS.


Replicate data and APIs globally in milliseconds, wherever your topology takes you: from edge to cloud to on-prem.

Simplify Your Stack

Focus on features that move your business forward, not fighting complex infrastructure.
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Achieve Any Latency SLA

You can't change the speed of light, but you can put less light between your users and their data.

< 1 ms
API-to-Data Latency
2-10 ms
On-Prem Latency
10-50 ms
Edge Latency
100 ms
Global Replication
Up to
Up to
Nodes/Global Cluster

Horizontal Scale

Outperform NoSQL alternatives in throughput, latency, total cost of ownership, and simplicity at scale.

Save Millions

Scaling horizontally lets HarperDB drastically reduce infrastructure costs with a linear cost to capacity ratio. Enterprises that switch to HarperDB typically see savings over 50%.

Graph showing how HarperDB is less expensive than monolithic solutions at scale.

Actual Savings

Reduction in Compute Spend
+ 69% reduction in latency

- Streaming Media App
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 250x reduction in latency

- Digital OOH Ads
Reduction in Infrastructure Spend
+ 92% reduction in latency

- Global Gaming Network


From POC to IPO, HarperDB is the best platform to start with and scale with.

Come as You Are

Familiar Workflow
From IDE to CI/CD, use the tools and processes you already know
Query with SQL
The simplicity of a document store with the power of SQL
Language Agnostic
Write business logic in any language and manage the output natively

Go to Market Faster

Dynamic Schema
Our document data model auto-updates as fast as you can code
Performant queries out of the box at scale and without maintenance
Instant API
Ditch drivers and liberate your resources with our ready to query HTTP/S API

Game Changing

Leveraging HarperDB, Edison Interactive distributed their API cache across Verizon's 5G Edge, plummeting latency below 20 milliseconds.
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HarperDB Studio helps you globally deploy, manage, cluster, and query your data from anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your web browser.
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