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New - Unleash the Power of Federated API Acceleration with Distributed Cache

Sep 27, 2023
New Solution

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing solution that's set to redefine the world of application acceleration at scale - HarperDB Distributed Cache. Designed as an intermediary layer between Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and origin servers, Distributed Cache offers unparalleled flexibility and power, setting new standards for cache performance.

Unmatched Cache Performance

Distributed Cache redefines cache performance as we know it. Passive mode - where Distributed Cache simply calls an origin API and caches the response, offers origin offload up to 99%, ensuring swift content delivery for your users once the repository is built out. 

For even greater offload and better performance, Active Caching lets you sync your origin data source out to the edge and create your API endpoints directly on top of the data, allowing up to 100% origin offload, and near-instant content access. 

For those use cases where ultimate performance is desired, HarperDB's Distributed Cache can be provisioned to hold all cached values in RAM, lowering read latency to sub-millisecond levels and delivering an unparalleled experience for your end users.

Pioneering Caching of New Data Types

Distributed Cache isn't just about cache hit rates; it's about unlocking new possibilities. We're proud to introduce the ability to create cache keys from any part of the request, including POST body, slices of graphQL payloads, URL query parameters, and even user-specific data like JWT payloads. All with the core objective of allowing you to optimize your web applications like never before.

Boost Your Business with Distributed Cache

Distributed Cache isn't just a technological marvel; it's a strategic asset for your business.

  • SEO Dominance: In the world of SEO, speed is paramount. With Distributed Cache, your website's performance will soar, resulting in higher search engine rankings and increased visibility. Say hello to improved organic traffic!
  • Maximize Revenue Potential: Faster content delivery directly translates into higher conversion rates and revenue. By leveraging Distributed Cache, you're not just optimizing content delivery but boosting your bottom line.
  • Elevate User Experiences: Speed and reliability are at the heart of user satisfaction. With Distributed Cache, you'll provide seamless, lightning-fast user experiences, leading to higher retention rates and enhanced customer loyalty.

Custom-Tailored for Industry Titans

Distributed Cache is purpose-built for organizations with colossal catalogs, particularly in the retail and gaming sectors. We understand the unique challenges of handling vast volumes of data. Distributed Cache is built on dedicated distributed cloud infrastructure to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring scalability and reliability on a global scale.

How It Works

Distributed Cache functions as the intermediary layer between your CDN and origin server. It efficiently delivers data for CDN cache misses without requiring frequent callbacks to the origin. Designed to replicate cache keys between Distributed Cache’s geographically distributed nodes, only a single origin call per payload is needed to populate a cache key’s value globally. 

For CDNs with thousands of POPs, a single expired cache key can trigger thousands of origin hits. With Distributed Cache, the same cached value is replicated globally, with TTLs that can be individually tailored on a per-key basis. Applied to long-tail catalogs comprised of millions of items, the value of Distributed Cache increases exponentially.

The Future of API Acceleration Is Distributed

Distributed Cache isn't just a cache solution; it's a strategic advantage. Bid farewell to sluggish load times, SEO worries, and missed revenue opportunities. Embrace a future where your content delivery is faster, more profitable, and user-friendly.

Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine content delivery. To discover more about Distributed Cache and how it can turbocharge your business for the upcoming holiday season, visit our website and connect with our team today. 

The future of content delivery is here, and it's more distributed than ever!