Edison Interactive and HarperDB partnership

Edison Interactive partners with HarperDB to deliver digital out-of-home content with zero latency

Aug 30, 2022

Edison Interactive (EI) has partnered with HarperDB, a distributed database platform, to enhance its connected device ecosystem. This collaboration has significantly reduced latency in EI's platform, enabling faster content delivery to customers, especially in remote areas. One notable application is Shark Experience, which provides digital displays in golf carts, offering features like music streaming and live sports tickers. By incorporating HarperDB's framework, EI has improved connectivity, allowing golf courses and players to enjoy premium content without latency issues. The partnership has also enhanced API call speeds, optimized load times, increased security, and improved the end-user experience. The Edison Platform, an end-to-end content management system, now benefits from the advanced technology provided by HarperDB.