HarperDB wins Startup of the Year 2023 by Hackernoon

HarperDB Wins 1st Place Award for Hackernoon’s 2023 Startup of the Year

Jan 31, 2024

We're thrilled to announce that HarperDB has won Hackernoon’s 2023 Startup of the Year competition!

We are grateful to be selected as a winning startup for this community-driven award. Placing first out of 120 high-growth startups in the Denver region is a testament to the value HarperDB’s unified system architecture delivers.

HarperDB’s approach to software brings together data, application, streaming, and in-memory systems into one unified and distributed technology. This approach dramatically reduces operational overhead while increasing the performance, scalability, resilience, and cost efficiency of every product built with HarperDB. 

In winning this award, we renew our commitment to our thriving community and all those who have contributed to our success. Thank you for your support and kindness.