Introducing HarperDB 4.3

HarperDB 4.3 - CRDT Distributed Counter, Query Improvements, and Operational Enhancements

Mar 19, 2024
Product Update

4.3 Has Arrived

We are stoked to introduce exciting new capabilities in our first release of 2024. With HarperDB 4.3, you can define data relationships to efficiently execute joins at scale, build decentralized counters, and work effectively in an air-gapped environment. This article will only discuss some of the major updates. Please see our 4.3 release notes for a complete list of changes and their technical details.

Overview of Key Updates

CRDT Distributed Counter

With near-instant leaderless global data replication, HarperDB was already an excellent choice for building distributed applications. With 4.3, we have added conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT) incrementation, giving you even more power. This addition enables decentralized counting for use cases like globalized API throttling, real-time logistic operations, gaming leaderboards, and managing engagements on decentralized social media networks. Click here for our guide on CRDT in HarperDB

Relationships & Joins

4.3 introduces deep relational querying for object-oriented data. This powerful new addition allows direct-from-client URL querying that bypasses most of the inefficiencies behind SQL queries in relation databases. For a complete understanding of this functionality, read this introductory guide from our SVP of Engineering. 

mTLS Support

One common use case for HarperDB is integrating it with existing infrastructure to reduce origin load and significantly improve the user experience. To help ensure the HarperDB’s connection to existing infrastructure is secure, 4.3 includes support for tamper-resistant Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS).

Local Studio Upgrade 

HarperDB’s web-based IDE, HarperDB Studio, is a favorite feature amongst developers. It lets engineers take advantage of HarperDB’s application engine without the complex setup that alternative databases require. With 4.3, engineers can build applications using the HarperDB Studio while offline. Click here for details on enabling this functionality