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HarperDB Announces New Enterprise Grade Features to Tackle Complex Analytics

Apr 18, 2018
Press Release

Today, HarperDB, an enterprise class database company, announced new features to help developers tackle complex analytics in an easy to use and powerful database solution. Building on the success of HarperDB's Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP) model, HarperDB's newest features enhance performance with new SQL functions, improved logging and heightened security management.  

"We are dedicated to enhancing our solution with new enterprise grade features that companies of any size can use, and allow developers to focus more time on coding and less on managing a complex database," said Stephen Goldberg, CEO of HarperDB. "As a result, we focused this release on performance, analytics, and security."

New features include:

Enhanced SQL Parser: The enhanced SQL parser includes a ten times performance improvement, future proofing, and the ability to do complex SQL functions like ARRAY. These enhanced functions will ultimately make it easier for data scientists to perform complex analytics directly within HarperDB. They will also significantly simplify extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes as they allow for real-time data transformation in a performant manner without code.  

Performance Improvements: This release had a lot of minor stability and performance improvements as well as major performance improvements for areas like delete and logging.  The logging improvements also allow for more granular runtime control of the log.

Additional Security: Role based access for create, read, update, and delete permissions at a schema, table, and attribute level are now available.

"The new SQL Parser enhances performance while giving developers new features like aggregates, order by, n-level conditions and more," said Kyle Bernhardy, CTO of HarperDB. "This provides the analytical capability you would expect from an enterprise class database, while making the solution future-proof."


The new features are available now on HarperDB's community and enterprise editions.