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HarperDB Container Image Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Certification

Jul 11, 2023

HarperDB is delighted to announce that its game-changing enterprise development platform is deployable as a certified container image on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes. This milestone highlights HarperDB's dedication to supporting enterprise application development.

HarperDB's platform unifies top-of-the-line backend technologies, including a database, event streaming, and application server, into one unified package. This comprehensive solution empowers organizations to tackle complex backend problems at any scale while maintaining cost efficiency.

Stephen Goldberg, CEO and Co-Founder of HarperDB, expressed enthusiasm about the Red Hat OpenShift certification. He stated, "We are excited to be part of the Red Hat ecosystem with the availability of our certified container for Red Hat OpenShift. Red Hat has led the way for a long time building enterprise grade developer products."

HarperDB's versatility shines through its operability across various environments, including in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge, making edge-forward architectures accessible to all. By eliminating the need for months or even years of planning, integration, configuration, and custom development, HarperDB can accelerate project timelines significantly.

With the Red Hat OpenShift certification, HarperDB is able to further support customers in building applications more efficiently with enterprise application backend technology on Red Hat OpenShift. 

“Red Hat is pleased to collaborate with HarperDB to certify its container image on Red Hat OpenShift. By working with partners like HarperDB to certify images for hybrid cloud environments, we are able to further extend customer choice and flexibility on the trusted foundation of enterprise-grade Linux and Kubernetes, from the cloud and out to the edge,” said Mark Longwell, director, Telco and Edge Alliances, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Red Hat.

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About HarperDB

HarperDB provides an enterprise application platform that integrates a database, streaming, and application server into one lightweight package that can be deployed anywhere and connected globally. HarperDB has made even the most challenging enterprise-scale backend problems easy to fix.

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