Black and white angle divided with HarperDB and 5G OI logos over a lab environment

HarperDB Joins 5G OI Lab to Help Expedite Technology Development for Startups

Mar 11, 2024
Press Release

HarperDB joins 5G Open Innovation Labs to facilitate technology development for startups innovating with 5G edge networks.   

In its five years of existence, 5G OI Lab has supported 129 startups on their go-to-market journeys. With HarperDB now part of the ecosystem, startups can save considerable time and money when deploying applications on 5G networks.

HarperDB’s all-in-one technology combines state-of-the-art database, caching, application, and streaming services into a single platform, making all backend services just a line of code away. Compared to legacy-stack architectures that require integrating, deploying, coding, and maintaining multiple systems, HarperDB reduces the resource overhead and network transfer that drive up the cost and latency of multi-system architectures—making building and scaling 5G-connected technologies with HarperDB a no-brainer.

Building off existing partnerships with Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength, HarperDB is honored to extend its enterprise-grade 5G technology development solution to startups.

“We are excited to help 5G IO Lab’s ecosystems of startups thrive,” said Jaxon Repp, HarperDB’s Field CTO. “Startups are already strapped for time and cash. It feels great to alleviate their development stress while helping prove and scale their concepts. We can’t wait to see what they build.”