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HarperDB Launches Database Solution for IoT and Businesses to Simplify Their Data Value Chain

Feb 7, 2018
Press Release

Today, HarperDB, an enterprise class database company, announced the launch of HarperDB, an HTAP (Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing) database solution designed for developers. Easy to use and powerful, HarperDB eliminates the need for multiple database products and costly expenses associated with supporting massive big data footprints.

HarperDB's database is powered by a patent pending data storage algorithm that ingests both unstructured and structured data into a fully indexed, single model data store. No configuration is required. Both NoSQL and SQL capabilities are provided natively in real-time, and there is no increase in the storage footprint. This means that developers can focus on development, while interacting with their data in real-time without having to worry about overly complex data models, configuration, or database management.

"We built a database solution that developers of any skill level can roll out in minutes and that scales with them as their data needs grow," said Stephen Goldberg, CEO of HarperDB. "There are a lot of database products on the market, but the options available are highly fragmented and complex, making companies data value chains difficult and expensive to maintain. We are excited to announce a solution that internalizes this complexity and simplifies the process of ingestion to analytics."

HarperDB can be used for IoT projects, app development and as a schema-less data warehouse.

HarperDB for IoT: The Only Enterprise Class Database Built to Run on the Edge

HarperDB eliminates the complexity of IoT projects with a simple and secure database solution. With its small footprint, HarperDB can be installed directly on a micro-computing device allowing for battery conservation and optimization of micro-computing devices.

As the only enterprise class database written in Node.js, HarperDB allows for distributed computing directly on the edge while capable of scaling to any hardware, making it ideal for both edge and cloud uses. This allows HarperDB to tackle the entire data value chain of IoT from ingestion to actionability. HarperDB also simplifies inter-device communication and data replication for IoT eliminating the needs for complex and expensive middleware.

"We selected HarperDB as the only startup to join The National Science Foundation's Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR). HarperDB joins organizations like Northrop Grumman, IBM, NASA, and DHS in helping to solve problems of national importance," said Yelena Yesha, Director of CHMPR. "The HarperDB technology is not only innovative and unparalleled, it has broad applicability across the problems we are tackling as a center."

CHMPR is using HarperDB as a component of a clinical project in which patient data is being tracked in real-time as a way to increase resource utilization and improve the quality of care. HarperDB was selected because it is lightweight and enables distributed data processing and data management on the edge, which is critical yet absent in hospital settings today.

The National Science Foundation's Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (CHMPR) solves problems of national importance in partnership with government, academia, and across industries in the fields of environmental and geophysical sciences, chemical, aerospace, defense, biomedical informatics, healthcare, financial, and event driven simulations and visualizations.

For more information and a free download, visit HarperDB for IoT.

HarperDB for App Developers: Simplicity without Sacrifice

HarperDB is bringing the efficiency and simplicity of micro-services to the database landscape, allowing app developers to focus more time on coding and less on managing a complex database. Built on a native REST API, developers are able to copy the HarperDB sample code to easily integrate into development projects. Installing in under two minutes, HarperDB empowers developers, allowing them to scale out and maintain big data architectures on their own.

For more information and a free download, visit HarperDB for App Developers.

HarperDB for Enterprise: A Single Model for Structured and Unstructured Data

The HarperDB solution accelerates integration speed with a dynamic schema and straightforward endpoints allowing developers to perform structured queries on unstructured data in real-time. HarperDB automatically scales to hardware vertically and the HTAP model provides real time analytics on unstructured data enabling developers to spot trends, easily see leading indicators, and take immediate action.

For more information, visit HarperDB for Enterprise.


A community edition is available for free download here for prototyping and building smaller scale projects. For those looking to tackle larger scale projects, HarperDB offers an enterprise edition which includes clustering and analytics drivers. Contact HarperDB at hello@HarperDB.com for the enterprise edition.

About HarperDB

HarperDB was founded to deliver a simple solution that could be used by any developer of any skill level without sacrificing scale or performance. The HarperDB database solution is being used for IoT project development, app development and enterprise data warehouses. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Denver, HarperDB's founding team has spent many years working in enterprise architecture, software integration, software development, and software sales.