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HarperDB Launches Fully Managed Solution that Leverages Verizon and AWS, Streamlining Application Deployment To 5G Edge

Aug 21, 2023

HarperDB is making mobile computing experiences even easier and faster to develop and deploy with a new turnkey, self-service solution that leverages Verizon's 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength. Verizon’s 5G Edge technology enhances edge computing applications by improving response times and performance—enabling companies to collect, process and analyze data faster. AWS Wavelength is an edge offering from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that embeds AWS compute and storage services within 5G networks.

So, why does this matter? Well, this three-way collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for organizations to easily leverage Verizon's 5G Edge for super fast, hyper-performant experiences. Because multi-region data distribution is built into the core of HarperDB, deploying data infrastructure that straddles 19 AWS Wavelength Zones is easy.

Let's dive into the nitty-gritty. HarperDB's unified backend is a real game-changer! Imagine having a high-performance database, user-built custom applications, and real-time data streaming all integrated into a single platform. This revolutionary approach makes deploying applications for 5G edge infrastructure super easy. No more juggling complex technology stacks – developers can now focus on creating innovative features for customers.

Reshaping Application Deployment at the Edge

The best part? Setting up a nationwide cluster of HarperDB instances on Verizon's 5G Edge is a breeze with just a few clicks in the HarperDB Studio. And here's the real kicker: applications powered by HarperDB and Verizon 5G MEC boast remarkable response times of less than 20 milliseconds. That's blazing fast, folks!

This industry-changing platform is a dream come true for sectors like gaming, industrial IoT, transportation, and service industries. The possibilities are truly endless.

We caught up with Jaxon Repp, HarperDB's Field CTO, and he couldn't be more excited: "This is a turn-key solution that brings ultra-low latency, limitless horizontal scale, and unrivaled operational efficiency to the edge. With this platform, applications are not only easier to build, deploy, and maintain but also embody HarperDB's developer-first ethos: 'Simplicity Without Sacrifice'."

But that's not all! Jake Hughes, Verizon's Head of CSP Business Development, shares his enthusiasm, "The value proposition forged by the triangulated knowledge share between AWS, HarperDB and Verizon is an exemplar of the promise of the fourth industrial revolution. Together we will deliver a cloud native, on-prem, network optimized experience at the edge that will allow partners and customers to monetize their network in a way that's never been done before. A truly unique experience with differentiated SLAs and an open API platform augmented by best in class data sovereignty will be a catalyst for digital transformation that is industry agnostic. We're bullish on the early returns the partnership has cultivated and believe we're at the tip of the spear."

This is just the beginning. By bringing together edge computing and advanced database technology, this partnership is reshaping how organizations build and deploy applications at the edge. Unprecedented performance and exceptional user experiences await.

So, buckle up, because the future is here, and it's happening at the edge!

Benefits of HarperDB on Verizon 5G Edge

Ultra-Low Latency: Deliver lightning-fast mobile experiences on Verizon 5G MEC without compromising out-of-network performance.

Efficient RAM Utilization: Integrate API and database requests to process data more efficiently and reduce costs.

Improved Performance: Develop better applications with fewer hardware resources, significantly saving costs.

Lower Complexity: Streamline Verizon 5G MEC deployments, saving developers time and effort while increasing reliability.

Resilience: Ensure uninterrupted user experience by distributing read and write requests across multiple nodes.

Horizontal Scalability: Seamlessly scale infrastructure as business demand grows, eliminating excessive costs and reliance on monolithic data stores.

Cross Infrastructure Deployments: Enable on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments, including 5G Edge.