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Introducing HarperDB 4.1: Faster, More Efficient, & More Control

Apr 18, 2023
Product Update

HarperDB 4.1 Has Arrived

We are excited to announce the release of HarperDB 4.1, packed with new features and enhancements that further elevate your HarperDB experience. This latest version brings cutting-edge improvements to concurrency handling, routing functionality, NoSQL query performance, storage configuration, logging, cluster networking, and integration with AWS S3 services. Let's delve into the details and explore the real-world value that HarperDB 4.1 delivers:

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Update Overview

Concurrency Handling with Worker Thread

HarperDB 4.1 introduces worker threads for handling HTTP requests, providing significant benefits in traffic delegation, load tracking, session affinity, debuggability, and memory footprint reduction. Start HarperDB within your IDE, set breakpoints in your custom functions, and debug them seamlessly. For example, you can now debug custom functions if you're running HarperDB locally and using a modern IDE like WebStorm or VSCode.

Enhanced Routing with Session Affinity

The associated routing functionality in HarperDB 4.1 includes session affinity support. This feature enables consistent routing of users to the same thread, improving caching locality, performance, and fairness. By enabling session affinity with http.sessionAffinity, you can ensure users are consistently served by the same thread, providing a personalized user experience.

Revamped NoSQL Query Handling with Iterators

HarperDB 4.1 improves NoSQL query handling by utilizing iterators consistently. This approach offers an incredibly memory-efficient mechanism for streaming query results directly to the network as they are computed. The benefits are two-fold: faster Time to First Byte (TTFB), allowing data to be sent before the entire query is computed, and reduced memory usage during querying. This upgrade enables seamless and efficient access to query results, even within custom functions. Developers can leverage iterators to iteratively access data from the database without loading the entire result set into memory. Enjoy faster response times and more efficient resource utilization with this transparent upgrade.

Flexible Storage Configuration

HarperDB 4.1 introduces configuration options that allow you to specify the location of database storage files. This flexibility empowers you to distribute database directories and files across different volumes, optimizing disk utilization and storage performance. This feature will align your storage infrastructure with your specific requirements and achieve better scalability, resilience, and efficiency.

Streamlined Logging

Logging in HarperDB has been revamped and consolidated into a single hdb.log file in response to user feedback. This enhancement simplifies log management, making monitoring and analyzing system activity easier. The updated logging system gives you better insights into your HarperDB deployment, enabling you to diagnose issues and troubleshoot more effectively.

Cluster Networking with cluster_network Operation

The new cluster_network operation in HarperDB 4.1 allows you to ping the cluster and retrieve a list of enmeshed nodes. This feature enhances visibility and monitoring within a clustered environment, empowering you to monitor the health and connectivity of your HarperDB cluster effortlessly.