March 1, 2022

Building a C# Blazor App with NoSQL and SQL Using HarperDB

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents
  1. Set up a HarperDB database: Create an account, access HarperDB Studio, create an organization, and a new Cloud instance with "dev" schema and "dog" and "breed" tables.
  2. Create the Project: Use Visual Studio to create a Blazor Web Assembly App, configure it, and import necessary packages. Create a "Pet" class in the "Helpers" folder.
  3. Add Pets to the Database: Modify "AddPet.razor" to add new dogs to the database using HarperDB SQL. Display data on "FetchData.razor" page.
  4. Delete Pets from the Database: Add a delete button to "FetchData.razor" page and implement "DeletePet()" method to remove selected pet from the database.
  5. Test the Functionality: Start the project in Visual Studio and test adding, displaying, and deleting pets in the database.