May 22, 2023

Building an inventory tool using DronaHQ and HarperDB

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Summary of What to Expect
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Here are the steps for creating an inventory tool using DronaHQ Studio platform with HarperDB integration:

  1. Set up a HarperDB account, either through HarperDB Studio, a local instance, or HarperDB Cloud.
  2. Create a HarperDB cloud instance and configure the necessary details.
  3. Create a schema and add a table named "product" with a unique identifier.
  4. Upload data to the HarperDB instance using a CSV file.
  5. Create a new app in DronaHQ Studio for building the inventory tool.
  6. Configure the REST API connector in DronaHQ to connect with HarperDB, using basic authentication.
  7. Add a sub-API in the HarperDB connector to fetch data from the database using an SQL query.
  8. Display the fetched data in a table grid control in DronaHQ Studio.
  9. Add another sub-API to send data and create a form template for users to input new product details.
  10. Bind the form submission to the "sendData" sub-API to insert the data into the HarperDB table.
  11. Add an edit columns property to the table grid control to allow editing of existing data.
  12. Create a sub-API to update the data in the HarperDB table based on the changes made.
  13. Bind the update action to the save changes event in the table grid control.
  14. Add a sub-API to delete data from the HarperDB table and enable the delete functionality in the table grid control.
  15. Bind the delete action to the delete click event in the table grid control.
  16. Use additional features and capabilities of DronaHQ and HarperDB to enhance the inventory tool, such as barcode scanning, stock alerts, order tracking, reporting, and user access controls.

By following these steps, you can create a comprehensive inventory management tool that leverages the power of DronaHQ Studio and HarperDB for efficient data storage, retrieval, and real-time updates.