October 22, 2021

Create a Discord Slash Bot using HarperDB Custom Functions

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents
  1. Set up the local environment with Node.js v14.17.3.
  2. Install the HarperDB package globally using npm.
  3. Run HarperDB on the local machine using the "harperdb run" command.
  4. Register the local instance on HarperDB Studio and create a schema and tables for the Discord bot.
  5. Enable and create custom functions for the bot in HarperDB Studio.
  6. Set up the Discord bot on the Discord Developer Portal, create the bot, and get the Application ID, Public Key, and Bot Token.
  7. Invite the bot to the Discord server and obtain the Guild ID.
  8. Implement the Discord bot commands in the custom functions project by handling interactions for slash commands.
  9. Register the slash commands on Discord using REST API calls.
  10. Deploy the custom functions to a cloud instance in HarperDB Studio.
  11. Update the Discord bot's Interactions Endpoint URL with the cloud instance URL.
  12. Test the Discord bot's functionality by interacting with the slash commands.