December 22, 2021

Creating a RESTful API with Node, Express.js, HarperDB, and Docker, and testing it with Hoppscotch

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents
  1. Sign up for a free HarperDB cloud instance.
  2. Create a HarperDB instance with the required details.
  3. Set up the project folder and install dependencies.
  4. Create the necessary folder structure and files for the API.
  5. Implement CRUD operations for students in the controllers and routes.
  6. Create a Docker image for the application.
  7. Test the APIs using Hoppscotch or any API testing tool.
  8. Organize API requests into collections and manage the history in Hoppscotch.
  9. Automatically generate API documentation using collections in Hoppscotch.