June 22, 2021

Curate Top Programming Blogs with React and HarperDB

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Summary of What to Expect
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Let's build a simple React app with HarperDB! A step-by-step tutorial for beginners!

Step 1: Sign up for a free HarperDB account at studio.harperdb.io/sign-up and create a new HarperDB Cloud Instance.

Step 2: Fill in the instance details, such as name, user credentials, and select the instance specifications.

Step 3: Populate data by creating a schema and table in the database instance and adding data using JSON.

Step 4: Add a client user role to restrict database tampering, then create the client user and remember the username and password.

Step 5: Create a React app using "create-react-app" and install the "use-harperdb" package.

Step 6: Import and initialize the "useHarperDB" hook in App.js to query data from HarperDB using SQL commands.

Step 7: Display the fetched data in a table format and add styling to the app to present the data nicely.