July 8, 2022

End-to-End Data Analysis Project: Analyze Twitter’s Reaction to Taylor Swift with HarperDB (Part 2)

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Summary of What to Expect
Table of Contents

We will focus on connecting our cloud database to a visualization software by installing drivers, configuring the data source manager, locating the schema, and and then performing analysis through infographics.

  1. Install the ODBC Driver.
  2. Configure DSN with HarperDB details.
  3. Connect Tableau to HarperDB.
  4. Create a Taylor Swift-themed dashboard:
  5. Explore data features.
  6. Choose a color palette.
  7. Create visuals: Non-English Speakers Distribution, Top 10 Hashtags, Tweet Distribution by Hour, and KPIs.
  8. Format for aesthetics.
  9. Assemble the dashboard with a background template.
  10. Publish on Tableau Public.

See part one of this series as well.